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Our guides include the best chefs, restaurant owners, sommeliers, as well as partners, sponsors and of course our event guests who have made a name for themselves through hard work and are now established, popular and successful in their business.

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  • Tanja grandits stucki basel (BS)
  • Safran zunft basel (BS)
  • Confiserie bachman basel (BS)
  • Restaurant St. Alban Stübli (BS)
  • Rhyschänzli restaurant basel (BS)
  • Restaurant schwanen oberwil (BL)
  • Hotel Bad Eptingen (BL)
  • Caduffs Wine Loft Zürich (ZH)
  • Churrasco Steakhouse & Bar Zürich(ZH)
  • Restaurant Sopra - Jelmoli Zürich (ZH)
  • Hato Zürich (ZH)
  • Ecco by Giardino Atlantis (ZH)
  • Da Angela Zürich (ZH)
  • Les Amis Club Aargau (AG)
  • Rotisserie Raurica Kaiseraugst (AG)
  • Zanzibar Wohlen (AG)
  • Benacus Unterseen (BE)
  • Stadthaus Unterseen (BE)
  • Büner Gastrokultur AG Bern (BE)
  • Chez Heini Zermatt (VS)
  • Elsie‘s Bar Zermatt (VS)
  • El Paradiso St. Moritz (GR)
  • Terminus Olten (SO)
  • Ecco by Giardino (TI)